Service Description

MobilChat forms one of the kind of our SMS services and makes your web-site most profitable. It's very simple to be installed and designed. Moreover, providing users to talk on-line, you could catch their attention to your project, having become more impressive and called on.

How does it work?

Spending some time for installation and configuration (See below) of MobilChat, you could renovate your project. Let your users to talk to each other, make on-line public polling and quests! Considering the creative way of your project, you could succeed and improve your financial security.

Installation and Configuration

For connecting to the service, please enter the control panel on Chat filed. Press "add" for adding a new MobilChat to your account. Pay attention to filling the preset form. Then enter to link "HTML" on the server configuration and insert given code into the proper field of your web-source.
Your installation proceedings are over!
The technical details of MobilChat installation and configuration define in the link mentioned below.

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