Service Description

MobilGate forms a great and simple solution which could be served by the SMS services market. Being a full functioned messages aggregator, our service provides you to set all aspects of your system operation. It would be limited just by the level of your imagination.

How does it work?

Using MobilGate as a start point, you would get the source for creating your own SMS service of any trends, either information access restricting and distributing, or chat and SMS message contents distribution. You could decide by yourself how to process the messages you've received and how to reply on them. MobilGate users could be provided the most simple and easy memorable phone numbers supplied by our system, as well as the keyword saving of the second level, e.g. "dat "your word", or of the first level, e.g. "your word".

Installation and Configuration

In order to start using MobilGate, you need a personal approval of the Sales and partnership division. Technical details on the service's implementation and fine-tuning follow.