MobilCent is a promising young company offering SMS billing services.

Owning to our modern high-tech equipment we supply an innovate approach to the different trends of mobile communication business. Our young and high-qualified personnel make available a new kind of the mutual pleasant and comfortable SMS-billing service.

We carry out our job having considered all wishes and requirements of our customers rivaling in good faith on the market of SMS-billing services render. All details of our business activity are not confident. We are always open for giving any information you need.

Our company employs the advance methods for aggregation SMS traffic in more than 38 countries.

We are interested either in large-range of consumers, or in corporative customers. The more so that our service range could allow us meet all the requirements specified by different target users.

The MobilCent Company's professionals carry out their duties in service for all our customers paying attention to each of their problems and rendering a personal service for each of them. Our service just realized SMS-billing service to be provided comfortable and convenient. The large-scale kinds of service, flexible ways of payment, proficient technical support service could confirm the company's activity defines by its awareness to each of its customers.

Our service essentially differs from any similar services rendered by our competitors. The most benefits we could notice as follows:

  • Owing to the modern equipment and high-tech technology system we could provide the widespread covering and first-rate quality service that have no doubts by the international layouts. At the present time our SMS-billing nets service could be utilized by the citizens of 38 countries as well as intended to progress and improve.
  • SMS-billing (Premium SMS) service rendering by MobilCent is much profitable and defines by its low prices. By using MobilCent Company SMS-billing service you could be assured to get 95% from the finance facilities having been transferred to your account by the cellular phones operators.
  • We do render high-class and free of charge service for resellers supplied 24-hours service technical support for all your final consumers. In order to solve in short time any problems occurred in final consumers operating, the unique call-center has been managed by our Company.
  • We cannot promise we do not make, although we do make more than promise!

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