Technical info


In order to integrate your MobilChat with the rest of your project, use the following markup (don't forget to replace chat id with your actual MobilChat id:

<script src="http://engine.mobilcent.com/chat/?chat_id=chat id" type="text/javascript">

The markup given must reside at the appropriate place of the target webpage.


In order to adjust the chat to your needs, use the following optional parameters:

Parameter Type Description Default
lang char(2) Two-letters language code. RU
limit int How many messages are displayed. 20
css_path string Path to the CSS stylesheet. http://engine.mobilcent.com/chat/style.css

E.g., in order to reduce the number of simultaneously displayed messages to 10, use

<script src="http://engine.mobilcent.com/chat/?chat_id=chat id&limit=10" type="text/javascript">