Privacy policy

Modern telecommunications are being actively used for distributing all kinds of unwanted advertising (so-called "spam"), which is a serious problem for the Internet as a whole. Low costs, anonimosity, and, mostly, naive users make spam a lucrative source of income for many online fraudsters.

Restrictions introduced

  1. We strictly prohibit the distribution of spam (using e-mail or by any other means) to advance one's project regardless of the fact whether the advertising text contains direct instructions of sending an sms, link to a site with such instructions, or a link to a site which redirects a user to any other resource containing such instructions;
  2. It is forbidden to deploy our services on websites which aren't mentioned in the appropriate setting of each service (this includes so-called "mirrors");
  3. It is forbidden to deploy our services on sites parked on various free hostings and without WHOIS-record of their own;
  4. It is forbidden to even attempt to confuse the end user regarding the actual cost and/or purpose of the messages they send;
  5. It is forbidden to use sms fraud in order to send messages to our services.

In case of violation of at least one of the conditions mentioned above by the user, the profile of the alleged user is blocked, and all operations - respectively - cancelled. We also reserve the right to transfer all the data we have collected on such user's illegal practices to the local authorities, should we think it's necessary.

In order to prevent violations

We have decided that services registered in our system that aren't having a single incoming message for a month straight, as well as user accounts that aren't being visited in a month or more, will be automatically deleted. In addition:

  1. We immediately block any service that doesn't meet the above restrictions;
  2. We pre-moderate some of our service on creation, as well as on key parameters change;
  3. We review our partners' projects on a daily basis in an attempt to identify the possible violations;
  4. We have established an inner monitoring system with the aim of identifying the extraordinary number of messages sent from one number, the ratio of established and used passwords (applicable to MobilPass), the number of user-unnoticed errors, etc.

These and other measures enable us to prevent the bulk of the illegal activity on the services we provide.


  1. Fill out your profile completely (payment info , contact info)
  2. If the service isn't accessible to the general public - please let us know that;
  3. Do declare strictly negative attitude to fraud like we do;
  4. In case you provide some end-user service or product as a bonus for incoming messages, make sure that the opportunity is not being used by fraudsters. You can enable this by merely testing passwords of the MobilPass or last few digits of the phone numbers of the MobilGate.

If you see a violation of the above rules, please let us know.